Letter from the Pastor

How precious is the Word of God! How lost we would be without its spiritual guiding and instructing of us when we were lost in the darkness and death of our sins. How blessed we are with its reassurances of a powerful, all-sufficient Saviour in our Lord Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit. How kind of the Lord to leave us His Word to lead and inspire us ...read more →


Christmas Carol Service

Sunday 22nd December 2013

6.00pm All Welcome

You are warmly invited to attend our Christmas Carol Service, where we will be singing familiar hymns After the Service there will be light refreshments.


Letter from the Pastor

“If I’d known what it was going to be like, I wouldn’t have done it” – words perhaps read by some of us a month or so ago; words spoken by our Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron, about his pushing through the legislation on same sex ‘marriage’; words of regret which perhaps, upon first reading, gave the Christian some hope that he had finally seen the error of what he had ...read more →


Letter from the Pastor

I must confess to being a Red Rose man opposed to being a White Rose one. This is partly due to my much loved grandparents living in Lancashire and the many happy memories I have of spending time with them. I find that even after I became an adult, I still gravitate towards the rugged beauties of the West Lancashire countryside. So, this year, as we booked a cottage ...read more →


Letter from the Pastor

How blessed we are to have the book of Psalms – with its prayers and cries covering the entire range of human experience and feeling! Psalm 77 is one of those touching psalms in which we behold the inspired writer pouring out his soul unto the Lord. We see this right from the opening line: ‘I cried unto God with my voice’ and his focus in these opening verses is upon ...read more →

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