Letter from the Pastor

So the Christmas season is all but over for another year – with its trees, tinsel and turkey on the one hand, but its gospel opportunities on the other. A time when a number, who would not normally darken the doors of a church building, do venture forth to a carol service or Christmas Day worship. It is a season, which seems to start earlier each year as retailers do their utmost ...read more →


Letter from the Pastor

The other day, meeting Kyu in Costa Coffee, my eye glanced upon a headline from one of the newspapers there. It was the news that actress Linda Bellingham, made famous through the OXO adverts, has now terminal cancer and has given up taking treatment. She declared: ‘I have only weeks to live – so I’ve picked the date I’ll die.’ Now as the Lord’s people, surely we should have sympathy for ...read more →


So it’s here again – the great 4 yearly jamboree which dominates the media for a month and lifts up and in all but one case, casts down the hearts of nations. I am of course referring to the World Cup, this time held in Brazil, where each day (including the Sabbath) hundreds of millions, if not billions, of folk all over the world, watch 22 men on a field, strain ...read more →


Letter from the Pastor

I was waiting to be served the other week in BHS when my eye glanced upon a DVD on the stand next to the tills – one which brought back memories of a Christian camp I had attended, as a child, back in the 1980’s. Chariots of Fire was a great success as a film, but also unique, in that it sought to faithfully represent Eric Liddell, a sprinter who won ...read more →


Letter from the Pastor

We British are internationally renowned for talking about the weather, and for good reason: 4 seasons can occur in one day, whereas in most climates what you wake up to in the morning is what you will have until sunset. I remember a dear fellow missionary once airing her opinion that the fact that there is so much talk about the weather, so many forecasts in the media, is due ...read more →

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