Letter from the Pastor

The name Charlotte Church is one that is just about known to me, but I must confess that my knowledge of this lady is very scant. I know she is a singer, that she is Welsh, and that she has strong political views regarding which she has often appeared in the media. However, only this past week Charlotte Church appeared in the media for quite different reasons: she had lost the ...read more →


New Year’s Message from Pastor

Going back to school after the Christmas holidays, for me as a child, always had an air of inevitability, if not predictability, about it: the opening assembly of the new term would invariably have as its subject the making of New Year’s resolutions. The Headmaster would give the whole school a speech on how we should resolve this year to do this good, to give up this bad habit … to ...read more →


Letter from the Pastor

These words, spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ, are familiar ones. They help us to see things of this life against the perspective of an eternal backdrop as well as pointing us to the reality that life is not all about the material; but there is also the spiritual, the human soul, that part of us which shall live on after the death of our body, either in Heaven or in ...read more →


New Year’s Message from the Pastor

The short book of Lamentations, as its name suggests, is one that is filled with much sorrow, grief and heartache. It was written by Jeremiah the prophet and records his own pain and agony upon seeing his own city – the holy city of Jerusalem – ransacked by a fierce and cruel enemy. Many in the Middle East could identify well as they look back on the past year or so, ...read more →


Letter from the Pastor

The journey from Coedpoeth to Ruthin is one I know well; every school day I drive Christopher & Bomi through the beautiful Denbighshire countryside before dropping them off and heading home, when it is my usual practice to turn on the news – Radio 4’s Today program. Space, particularly Mars, is very much in the headlines these days, with the claimed discovery of running water on the Red planet. Consequently the ...read more →

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